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How it helps

Asthma Coach enables you to:

  • Set up a profile
  • Record your regular symptoms and triggers
  • Record your regular medications
  • Record your personal best peak flow reading or predicted reading (if you do not know your personal best)
  • Input the details to develop your Asthma Management Plan – the management plan in the app should be the same as the plan developed with your GP or Healthcare Professional
  • Know what to do in case of an emergency, including easy access to the Five Step Rule (there is also a call function to contact the emergency services directly).
  • Email your recorded statistics to your GP
  • Record and access the contact details for your Doctor or next of kin 
  • Access the Asthma Society of Ireland’s website and our library of How-To videos including clips showing the correct use of various asthma and devices.
  • Get the latest news on asthma from www.asthma.ie, sent directly to your phone
  • You can also opt in for other reminders about your condition
  • Check the pollen/mould/spores forecast for your province (available March-November)


You can set up a number of reminders to help you manage your asthma. These may include when to check your peak flow readings; when you need to get your prescription refilled in advance of running out of your medication; GP check up, appointments etc. We have included some set reminders that we thought would be useful from patient feedback during testing but you can also add your own custom reminders.

Info Section

This section has information from our website in a condensed format. There are educational videos on inhaler technique, information about asthma, an RSS news feed with the latest news stories from our website, and much more. You can also view real time data on asthma triggers such as pollen and weather.

ICE – In Case of Emergency

This section has information on what to do in case of emergency – the five step rule.
The contact details of your GP and Next of Kin are there and can be called at the push of a button.
There is also an interactive map which highlights your closest hospital and ED based on GPS.

Diary and Graph

Here is where you are going to enter data. The diary defaults to today’s date but you can go back and enter data for the previous week if necessary. You can:

  • Input your Peak Flow reading
  • Take the ACT (Asthma Control Test)
  • Input medication taken that day
  • Record any symptoms or trigger exposure you experienced that day
  • Enter details of a check-up with your healthcare professional
  • Enter details of an asthma attack

After you have entered your information by clicking on each date you can see all the details entered and you can edit the data.  The necessary data will plot on the graph and you can send this report to your healthcare professional.  This is how your physician can be aware of your asthma status to help you better control your condition and Asthma Coach provides all this information, it’s easy to keep track of your symptoms, triggers, PEF etc., manage your asthma on a regular basis, helping you to take control of your condition.Helping you and your healthcare professional to understand and better manage your condition. Download from the App Store

Pollen Tracker

Asthma Coach Pollen Tracker

From March to September the app also contains a Pollen Tracker, with the daily pollen forecast for each province and a 5 day forecast.  The Pollen Tracker is one of the most popular functions of the App and is sponsored by Dyson.

You can also view it on our website her and get the latest advice on managing hayfever and allergies.

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