Community Programmes

The Asthma Society of Ireland has developed and successfully run and asthma education programme aimed at disadvantaged communities.

Community Programme Asthma Training

The programme was first  delivered in two regions in 2014 (Cavan / Louth / Meath and Dublin / Kildare / Wicklow) among twenty nine Traveller healthcare workers. This project was kindly supported by the HSE and delivered in partnership with Pavee Point Traveller & Roma Centre.

An external evaluation carried out by Trinity College, Dublin on the pilot programme strongly recommended the wider implementation of the project in partnership with Primary Health Care for Travellers Projects.

The programme has proven to be an effective and relatively low cost means to building capacity around asthma health promotion in the Traveller Community.

Team at work

The Programme

In 2015, the Asthma Society of Ireland rolled out the programme to Traveller Healthcare Workers (THCW) across Ireland. 

The programme is a fifteen hour interactive workshop delivered over five sessions. The programme aims to equip Traveller Healthcare Workers with information on asthma/asthma management, triggers, asthma attack treatment and the use of devices and medication to control/relieve asthma symptoms.  

Participants receive a resource pack which contains a range of devices (inhalers, spacers and peak-flow meter) and educational materials including a specially designed literacy friendly DVD, leaflet and poster.

The training empowers Traveller Healthcare Workers to disseminate messages to members of their community through information evenings, asthma awareness events and/or on a one-to-one basis during health visits. HSE Traveller Health Unit Project Coordinators are also encouraged to participate in the programme as they can provide ongoing support (along with the Asthma Society) to Traveller Healthcare Workers.

If you would like to find out more or to receive a copy of the evaluation report, please contact or call 01 817 8886.