Have asthma recognised under the Long Term Illness Scheme

Asthma is a lifelong disease that is managed with medication. A key part of having good asthma control for most people is taking medication day in-day out, even when you’re well. Yet asthma medication is expensive in Ireland. A survey of our members highlighted the scale of the problem:
  • People with asthma are spending up to€144 a month on their asthma medication.
  • 40% of respondents said that they don’t take their medication as prescribed because of cost.
  • A further 25% said they travel outside of Ireland to buy their medication because they can’t afford to buy it here.
  • The majority of those surveyed said they spent more than €250 per year on GP visits. As asthma is a disease that runs in families GP and medication costs can sky rocket.
We are calling on all political parties and candidates contesting General Election 2016 to work to cut the cost of asthma medication as a priority during the term of the next Government.


  • Subsidise medication for those most in need through the Long Term Illness Scheme or introduce another targeted scheme for people with asthma (In a recent survey of our members 91% of respondents stated that they wished to see a commitment by all political parties to have asthma included in the Long Term Illness Scheme).
  • Reduce the cost of asthma medication.
  • Introduce free GP care for all people with asthma as per the cycle of care set out in the National Clinical Programme something which 53% of our members said should be rolled out as a priority in a recent survey.
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