I have asthma and I am pregnant, will my baby have asthma too?

This one of the main concerns of many women with asthma. Like other allergic conditions such as hay fever and eczema, asthma often runs in the family.

Researchers are trying to understand which environmental factors also play a part in developing asthma. Some studies have shown that breast-feeding in the first few months of life may reduce the chance of your baby developing allergic conditions, including but not limited to asthma.

Both smoking during pregnancy and exposing an infant to second hand smoke are known to increase the chance of a child developing asthma during early childhood. The simplest way top reduce a baby’s chances of developing asthma is to avoid cigarette smoke wherever possible.

Many pregnant women are also concerned about the effect of their asthma medication on their child. Asthma medicines are completely safe and having well-controlled asthma is best for your baby so it is important to continue with your regular medication throughout pregnancy. If you are concerned about your asthma, speak to your doctor, nurse or healthcare professional.

If you are pregnant, you should have your asthma reviewed by your doctor or asthma nurse regularly.


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