Just Diagnosed

Being diagnosed with any health condition can be upsetting and even frightening, but particularly so when it affects your breathing. You may have many questions you want answered, and the Asthma Society of Ireland is here to provide information and support as you come to terms with your condition, and set about bringing it under control. You’ll find lots of educational material on this website, but the key point that you should note is that asthma does not have to control your life. Instead, you can manage and control your condition by: 

  • Becoming educated about asthma
  • Taking your medications as directed
  • Avoiding your triggers
  • Developing  a personalized action plan

 The goal of asthma management is to obtain asthma control and maintain it over time.


What does Control look like?

  •  No daytime symptoms
  •  No night-time symptoms
  •  Not needing your reliever therapy more than twice a week
  •  No school or work absenteeism due to asthma symptoms
  •  Good lung function


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