My asthma story: Ethan

(Story shared by Ethan’s mum, Aoife)

“Ethan is a happy 11 year old boy with Autism. He was diagnosed with asthma back in 2015.

Asthma has had a major impact on Ethan’s day-to-day life. One of the most devastating impacts of asthma is that it stops him being able to play the sport he loves - rugby.

Asthma affects Ethan’s ability to run around the pitch and limits how long he can play a match - he is usually coughing badly within five minutes of playing rugby. He then has to be taken off and given his inhalers, and he spends the rest of the game on the sideline watching on.

Asthma also effects Ethan’s school attendance, and he has missed days of school due to flare-ups.

We have found certain tricks to help Ethan cope with these flare-ups, such as using a dehumidifier to help air flow and quality and doubling up on the dosage of his inhalers during a bad flare-up. He also always uses a spacer device.

The Asthma Society has been a huge help for Ethan and I. They have a treasure trove of information for anyone suffering with asthma. They also send out a newsletter each month with very helpful tips and advice, and they offer advice on how to properly take inhalers. I would highly recommend that anyone with asthma looking for advice or support reach out to them.”

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