My asthma story: Kelli

“I was diagnosed with asthma at about 3 years of age after having an asthma attack. For years it lay dormant, however, until I was 24 and I woke up during the night having an attack.

My attacks originally happened at night, I would struggle to sleep as I would be coughing constantly, so I would wake up tired. Nowadays my asthma affects me both during the day and at night. I have been told that I have allergy- and exercise-induced asthma, so I struggle even using certain cleaning products. When I am cleaning I have to open all the windows and even leave the room at times. In July 2022 I ended up in A&E as I was having a bad attack and my reliever inhaler was not helping. This attack was brought on by someone using a deodorant in the bathroom.

Asthma affects my life in so many ways, last year it was so bad that I struggled to hold a conversation as I was constantly breathless. Even walking up or down the stairs had me using my inhaler. As well as the physical symptoms, there is also a sense of shame and embarrassment as people look at you like you are unfit.

I have found the Asthma Society such a huge support. I didn’t really understand asthma even though I had been living with it for years. I contacted the Adviceline and my asthma nurse has been incredible. She really explained the condition and I now can identify my triggers easily. I also know when I am going to have an attack so I am better prepared. She also helped me formulate questions I needed to ask at medical appointments and with her help I am now confident advocating for myself. I owe the Asthma Society more than they know.”

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