My asthma story: Kelvin

“I've had asthma for 35 years - I was first diagnosed at the age of 9 after taking part in my primary school inter-sport competition. From that moment, my whole life changed.

Having asthma changes your life and, in particular, it has really affected my work life. On top of that, I also find that the care and treatment I need to manage my asthma is very expensive, which makes it difficult.

 In the early years, I was able to manage the condition with the help of my parents and siblings. Recently, my spouse has been a huge support. I think it’s important to adhere to your doctor’s medical advice and  regularly attend your appointments as this also helps you to keep on top of things.

Upon coming to Ireland recently, I searched to see if there was any support for people living with asthma and I was delighted to find the Asthma Society. They offer a range of supports for people with asthma and carers and are very active on social media, sharing tips and advice. Their Adviceline is also a very important service for people living with asthma.”

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