How your money helps

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The Asthma Society of Ireland urgently needs funds to help us in our efforts to stop asthma deaths. In October 2012 the Government announced that they planned to abolish the Charitable Lotteries Fund which provides vital revenue that allows us to continue to provide essential services to people with asthma. The fund will be cut by 50% in 2014, a further 50% in 2015 and abolished by 2016.

Your donations are vital in helping us to continue our invaluable work on behalf of almost half a million asthma sufferers in Ireland. The donations received and funds raised by the Asthma Society of Ireland are spent under these four strategic pillars:

  • Education
  • Research
  • Patient Services
  • Effecting Change 

Our Annual Reports contain an overview of our finances and detailed information on how our funds are spent. 



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