Fundraising in your School

Newpark School, Blackrock held fundraiser in 2015

Asthma affects one child in every five in Ireland, that’s nearly 68,000 children in Irish second-level schools alone. In any 20 pupil class 3-5 students may have asthma, a disease which can dramatically affect their lives. Our support and advice programs are helping children in Ireland to control and manage their asthma so they can live a full life, symptom free. But we need your help to do it…


Host your own Event

Create your own event and invite the whole class to take part and support you in the organisation and delivery of the event. Keeping it simple is essential. 

Fundraising Ideas

  • PJ Day
  • Sports Day
  • Cake Sale
  • Class Raffle
  • School Movie Day
  • Sponsored Walk
  • Student Table Quiz
  • Sponsored Silence
  • Fast for 24hours
  • No phone for 24hours
  • Wear blue for the day
  • Sponsored Talent/Fashion Show

Top Tips for a Successful Fundraiser

  1. Plan: Encourage students to plan carefully and be as organised as possible
  2. Decide: As a group, decide on what type of event they would like to host
  3. Details: As a group, decide the date, venue and budget for the event
  4. Goals: How much do you want to fundraise? How many people do you want to attend?
  5. Fundraising Committee: Group your students together and assign different roles and activities to different students; this could include a Creative Team, PR, Planning Team, Events Team, Project Management etc.
  6. Shout it from the Rooftops: Advertise and promote the event anyway the students can. For example, via social media, school assembly, class presentations, lunchtime presentations and any other promotional activities!

***Remember to take lots of photos and send them to us in The Asthma Society. We would like to let everyone know about all the hard work you and your school have done to support our organisation***

Why Fundraise?

donkey derby fundraiser asthma society

If you decide to fundraise for The Asthma Society, thank you! Your fundraising support is invaluable, and our work would not be possible without it.

Organising a fundraising activity in your school is an exciting way to engage students in a worthwhile and challenging activity. Organising a fundraising event allows them to develop essential skills and competencies which will be invaluable to the students, such as:

  • Decision making
  • Organisation
  • Planning
  • Team leading
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication
  • Cooperation
  • Negotiation
  • Creativity
  • Project Management
  • Public Speaking

How can we help?

Once you have decided what fundraising event you would like to organise, please contact Kevin Kelly by phone on 01-5549212 or by email at to register your event.

The Asthma Society of Ireland has a dedicated fundraising team who would be delighted to help you plan, organise and promote your fundraising event. We will also send you out a fundraising pack, which will include everything you need to fundraise for your event. The pack includes:

  • Schools Guide to Fundraising
  • T-Shirt
  • Sponsorship Card
  • Posters
  • Pens
  • Balloons
  • Collection Buckets
  • Lodgement slip

School Visit

S.N Bhríde Faughart, 5th & 6th classes

If you are interested in an Asthma staff member visiting your school to talk about asthma awareness, please contact Kevin Kelly by email at or by phone on 01-5549212

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