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To mark our 40th Anniversary in 2013 we launched our Free Membership Package, offering free membership and member benefits to all those in the asthma community.  This member package provides a range of benefits including;

Asthma Information Booklets

all of our asthma information publications will be available to download from our website including Reach Your Peak with Asthma, Asthma and Allergic Rhinitis, Asthma in Babies and Children, Take Control of Your Asthma, Best Practice Asthma Management Guidelines for Schools in Ireland,  Asthma In Pregnancy, Gardening with Asthma and Allergies etc.

Asthma News

you will receive a free copy of Asthma News, our members’ bi-annual magazine, providing you with all the latest news in terms of developments in the area of better management and control of asthma.


all members will get regular updates from the Asthma Society on latest news and developments, upcoming events including Clinics and Fundraising Events, and all relevant updates to help you in the management of your asthma.

Asthma Control Test

Asthma is a common and treatable disease which can impact heavily on quality of life. Medical experts now agree that the level of asthma control is a key feature when determining the best asthma treatment required.

The Asthma Control Test has been conceived by medical asthma experts and scientifically tested on hundreds of asthmatic sufferers. It provides asthma sufferers and their doctors and nurses with a useful score which will help determine the level of treatment required.

Asthma Society of Ireland On-line Shop

Members of the Asthma Society of Ireland get discounts on products in our on-line shop. Products available for purchase include Peak Flow Meters, Volumatic Spacers, Baby Halers, Aerochamber Masks and Aerochamber Mouth Pieces.  Together we are stronger!

The Free Membership Package is available to everyone -  simply click on become a member below to register. It's simple, you just enter your details to become a member of the Asthma Society of Ireland and ensure you get all the latest updates from the Asthma Society.

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