Are You Prepared for the Flu Season

One child sneezing, the other sniffling during flu season

Catching the flu is always awful but for people with asthma, it can be even worse!

The Flu

Flu and other viruses can trigger serious asthma attacks in adults and children. This is one of the reasons hospital admissions for people with asthma increase during the Winter months.

Getting the flu vaccine from your GP or pharmacist can substantially decrease your risk of catching the flu. Getting vaccinated only takes a few minutes and is free of charge if you have a medical card, a doctor visit card or a health amendment act card.

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Pneumo Disease
Averil Power and Marty Whelan Know Pneumo and You Should Too

Those who are officially at-risk include people with diabetes, asthma, heart disease, as well as those with chronic renal disease and chronic lung problems. These at-risk groups can get the vaccine for free from their GP.

Averil Power, CEO, Asthma Society of Ireland, “Prevention is better than cure and the first step towards prevention is awareness. The pneumo bug is spread like the common cold, through coughing, sneezing and by close contact, and like the common cold, it can be hard to avoid."

Speak to your GP or pharmacist about whether you would benefit from the pneumococcal vaccine. 

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Support During Flu Season

The Asthma Society runs a free adviceline for people with asthma and COPD. The service is provided by an asthma nurse specialist who can give you personalised advice on looking after yourself or managing your child’s asthma.

Call 1800 44 54 64 to book your an appointment