Asthma Attack Survey Results

27 Apr 2018
General asthma word cloud

After a surge in calls to our asthma adviceline after last year's World Asthma Day, the Asthma Society of Ireland carried out a survey to find out what people know about asthma and how to recognise and treat an asthma attack.

The results were worse than expected. The survey showed a huge knowledge gap when it came to the public's understanding of asthma. 

To close this gap, we created a series of videos to inform the public about the syptoms of an asthma attack and demonstrate how you can help an adult or child having an asthma attack.

The results of the survey can be found below:

Only 1 in 10 recognise all the symptoms of an asthma attack
Only 1 in 5 asthmatics know that 10 puffs of reliever are safe during an asthma attack
15% don't realise an asthma attack can occur out of nowhere
Over two thirds of asthmatics have had or witnessed an asthma attack
1 in 3 don't realise that lips turning blue and difficulty finishing sentences can be symptoms of an asthma attck
20% don't know that exposure to known asthma triggers is putting oneself at risk of an asthma attack
One quarter don't know they are at risk of having an asthma attack if using their reliever inhaler daily