The Asthma Society’s Asthma Adviceline received a Helplines Partnership Award!

The Asthma Society’s Asthma Adviceline received a Helplines Partnership Award!
We are delighted to announce that our Adviceline was awarded an independent quality mark from the Helplines Partnership in the UK. In Ireland only three helplines have been awarded the Standard: the Irish Cancer Society (nurse line), Women’s Aid and now the Asthma Society of Ireland! The Award is valid for 3 years. 
The Helplines Standard is an internationally recognized quality standard which defines and accredits best practice in Adviceline work. Being awarded the Helplines Standard is an excellent way of ensuring we are effectively meeting the needs of service users involved in the service. 
Feedback from the Helplines Partnership reported that the service has been very well developed and that it is built on solid research in the sector. The feedback report found that ‘in particular the strategic and operational plans, confidentiality and data protection policies, and the internal quality assurance and monitoring are excellent’. 
The Adviceline has been in existence for over 25 years and our Adviceline team deals with all queries relating to asthma. The majority of first time callers (42%) are parents/carers of children with asthma while over a quarter of callers’ access the service when their asthma is worsening. One in ten people call about asthma and allergies. 
The service provides an easily accessible support, education and information service to people with asthma to enable them to better understand and manage their condition. It concentrates on empowering people and it sign-posts to appropriate services, resources and materials.
The majority of callers (70%) speak to a nurse twice or more and 93% of callers rate the service as excellent or very good.  When asked in a recent survey what suggestions callers had to improve the service, the responses stated ‘don’t change a thing’, ‘promote it so that more people hear about it’ and ‘no suggestions for change as the service could not be better, kinder, or more professional’. 
We want as many people to avail of this valuable and now award winning service as possible. The service operates a call-back service and appointments can be made by calling 1850 44 54 64 Monday to Friday from 09:00-17:00. Call us to make your appointment today.