Fundraising in Your School or Community

Thank you for deciding to raise funds for The Asthma Society of Ireland. Your generosity allows us to continue in our work to stop asthma deaths. To start fundraising is easy!

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Think of an Idea!

Creativity is the key to successful fundraising.  Keep the ideas simple. Talk to your friends, family or colleagues - try to think of something that fits well with your personality, your friends, your company, or your local community.  That way you will have far more fun!

Feel free to call us on 01 817 8886 to discuss your ideas with us and ask for support.  We also have a list of popular fundraising ideas that our supporters have tried in the past, click here for some great ideas and inspiration!


Get your Fundraising Pack from the Asthma Society of Ireland!

Contact us by phone on 01 817 8886 or email at to discuss your event. We will provide you with a fundraising pack to suit your needs and provide items such as fundraising buckets, t-shirts, sponsorship cards, posters, balloons and lodgement slips and all the support / advice you need to run the event.


Promote Your Event!

Don't forget to promote your event via Word of Mouth, Posters, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Websites, LinkedIn etc., the more places you can promote your event the better. Get online, get talking and get all your friends and their friends supporting your fundraising. We can also promote your event for you on our Facebook Page.

You can also set up an online fundraising page with My Charity; this allows you tell people what you’re up to, ask them to donate/sponsor you online and all the funds get sent directly to the Asthma Society of Ireland. My Charity deducts a 3% service charge from the money raised to cover their expenses.

Take Photos and Enjoy the Day!

Don’t forget to take lots of photos on the day and email them to us at so that we can post these on our Facebook Page and Website after the event as a thank you to everyone that took part and also as an inspiration to other people to show them what you have achieved. Don’t forget to contact us afterwards so that we can organise a photograph of the cheque presentation so that everyone involved can see the results of your hard work.


Banking the Money!

We will provide you with lodgement slips so that you can lodge the money directly into our account, alternatively you can lodge the money into your account and organise to send us a cheque. Another option is to manage all of the money online with with funds sent directly to us! 


Be Proud of What You've Done to Help People with Asthma!

Click here for a list of fun ideas for your fundraising event!

Contact Us about your Event

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