Walk for Asthma

Details about our first ever Walk for Asthma

About our Walk for Asthma

As part of this year’s Asthma Awareness Week, the Asthma Society will hold our first ever “Walk for Asthma”.

Our Walk for Asthma will take place in Marlay Park in Dublin on the 4th of May. The route for the walk will be 5 kilometres long and will begin at 2pm. Our Walk for Asthma event will also contain a short memorial to remember the 72 people who die from asthma every year. Please note, if you are not able for the whole walk, do come on the day and join us to show your support by completing as much of the walk as you like.

Our walk aims to highlight the importance of asthma management to people with asthma.  For most people, asthma is a very controllable disease when managed correctly. Asthma management will allow most people with asthma to live happier and healthier lives. However, if people with asthma do not manage their condition, they are at high risk of an asthma attack. One person dies in Ireland every five days as a result of their asthma. Asthma management saves lives.

The key to asthma management is having and using an Asthma Action Plan. These plans, which are reviewed at every available opportunity with a healthcare professional, will detail asthma medicines, symptoms, triggers, how to know if you are having an asthma emergency and what to do in the event of one. This Asthma Awareness Week, we are calling on all people with asthma to have an Asthma Action Plan. These plans can be ordered for FREE from our office (1800 44 54 64) or you can download one from asthma.ie.

An asthma healthcare professional will be attending the event to give a short talk on the importance of asthma management and exercise. We’ll also asthma nurses available on the day for free asthma consultations. If you would like to book an appointment with one of these nurses, please do so by emailing hp.assistant@asthma.ie. There will be limited consultations available so please ensure you book well in advance.  

To sign up for the walk, which is FREE of charge, click here.

Everyone is welcome to come to along on the day and help us raise awareness whether they have asthma or not. Families and friends of people with asthma, along with people  who have asthma themselves are encouraged to attend the event.

The first thirty people to show up on the day will receive asthma goodie bag. We would love if you could wear a blue t-shirt on the day to show support to asthma patients and the Asthma Society.

People travelling to Marlay Park for the event should note there are two carparks in the park. The entrance that is better suited for people undertaking the walk is the College Road carpark as it is a lot closer to the meeting point.

Please note:

Please if you are attending the event, be respectful of other park users and please dispose of any rubbish you might have in a bin.

If you are attending, be sure to take your preventive inhaler and bring your reliever and any hayfever medication you might need. May is the start of the pollen season and it is very important that people properly manage their asthma and their hayfever during the summer.

Volunteers needed:

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for the Walk for Asthma, please email communications@asthma.ie.

Volunteers are needed to help the Asthma Society decorate the park and to guide participants through the park. Volunteers will receive an asthma t-shirt and asthma goodie bag.