Asthma in the Pharmacy

Asthma Specialist nurse talking to a mother and son
Asthma in the Pharmacy
The Asthma Society of Ireland runs a number of Asthma in the Pharmacy days throughout the country. We provide an asthma nurse specialist for the events to give advice, support, information and patient education on asthma. S/he can see up to 11 patients over a period of 6 hours. 

These pharmacy days are supported by GlaxoSmithKline (Ireland) Ltd. 

As part of the clinic our asthma nurses will: 

  •  Complete an Asthma Control Test™to gain an understanding of the patient’s asthma symptom control and discuss potential ways of improving this score if necessary 
  •  Advise patients on medication usage and answer any questions they may have 
  •  Discuss the concept of an asthma management plan so patients know how to create their own individual management plan in partnership with their doctor
  •  Advise patients on a range of topics including:
  1. Asthma in children
  2. Allergies
  3. Asthma management
  4. Inhaler technique
  5. Peak flow monitoring
  6. Smoking cessation
  •  Where patients are identified as having poor asthma control they will be advised to attend the appropriate health care professional 
To book an asthma in the pharmacy day please contact the Asthma Society of Ireland at 01 817 8886 or email
There is a nominal fee of €90 paid by the pharmacy. However, all other costs are covered including the asthma nurse specialist and a box of literature.  The Asthma Society will advertise the event on

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