Where the money goes

Funds raised go towards our work in reducing the number of asthma deaths in Ireland.  
Our main areas of work are:
  • Education – providing information to asthma patients and their families on how best to manage their asthma and avoid complications. 
  • Research – we fund research programmes into the treatment and causes of asthma.
  • Patient Services – we provide asthma clinics around the country, and provide training for healthcare professionals on how best to advise asthma patients. 
  • Working for Change – we lobby the government on behalf of asthma patients across Ireland to ensure that they receive the best, most up-to-date treatment and their needs are met at all levels. 


Annual Report 2015

Our Annual Report gives a clear picture of our impact and our achievemnets in the past year, and details how funds have been spent to support our work

You can download our latest Annual Report for 2015 here 

Past Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports below contain an overview of our finances and contain detailed information on how our funds are spent:

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