Our 2019 Annual Report

A huge thanks to all our donors, supporters, volunteers, medical advisors, nurses, staff members, corporate partners, funders and board members who made the year a success.

Questions about your Asthma?

Send a WhatsApp message to one of our experienced asthma nurses

WhatsApp Number: 086 059 0132

Life Alongside COVID-19

Our Life Alongside COVID-19 supports and materials will help support people with asthma and COPD and their families as they re-adjust to life alongside COVID-19.

Have you got an Asthma Action Plan in place?

An Asthma Action Plan contains all the information you need to keep your asthma under control.


Reliever Inhaler Over-Reliance

Are you using two or more puffs of your reliever inhaler each week? If so you may be over-reliant on it. Find out more.