Asthma Education Inclusion Project

Our Asthma Education Inclusion Project consists of culturally appropriate, literacy-friendly asthma resources and materials for the Roma, Refugees, People Seeking International Protection and the Traveller community.

Asthma Research Bursary 2021
Asthma Winter Wellness

Our Winter Wellness guide contains top tips to help people with asthma and/or COPD control their condition during the winter months.

Questions about your Asthma?

Send a WhatsApp message to one of our experienced asthma nurses

WhatsApp Number: 086 059 0132

Life Alongside COVID-19

Our Life Alongside COVID-19 supports and materials will help support people with asthma and COPD and their families as they re-adjust to life alongside COVID-19.

Have you got an Asthma Action Plan in place?

An Asthma Action Plan contains all the information you need to keep your asthma under control.


Reliever Inhaler Over-Reliance

Are you using two or more puffs of your reliever inhaler each week? If so you may be over-reliant on it. Find out more.