Here you'll find a selection of our asthma resources.

Our resources encompass a variety of materials to help you achieve and maintain control of your asthma. These include: Inhaler Techniquer Videos, Asthma Information Publications and Asthma Action Plans. Our print materials are all available for download. 

We're happy to send out hard copies of our print materials free of charge. If you would like us to send you a selection of our print materials, please contact the office on 01 817 8886 or email

Spacer Technique Videos

Our spacer technique videos are suitable for both patients and health care professionals. Here you will find demonstrations for some of the more popular spacers.

Asthma Management Videos

Asthma Management Videos

Our asthma management videos cover all aspects of life with asthma, from makng your home asthma friendly to exercise and dealing with outdoor triggers.

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Asthma Management Resources

Our asthma management resources are designed to support or your child in achieving and maintaining good asthma control. Here you will find Asthma Action Plans and other useful management resources.

Webinar Recordings

Here you can watch recordings of our most recent webinars on a wide range of topics related to asthma.

Parents and children

Resources for Parents

It can be frightening and overwhelming when your child is diagnosed with asthma but the good news is, asthma can be very well managed with proper medication and treatment. We have a variety of resources designed to help you learn about asthma and adjust to living with the condition.

Resources for Schools

We provide a variety of resources to help primary schools and teachers to make their schools as asthma friendly as possible. Hard copies of all our print materials are available on request. Please contact the office on 01 817 8886 or email

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Other Resources

Here you'll find a variety of resources and reference materials inclduing annual reports, pre-budget submissions, financial statement, community resources, research presentations and campaign support documentation.