Ann is from Cork, lives with her husband and is 67 years old. 

Ann Photo

She had childhood asthma and, in the last year, she has been experiencing a lot of shortness of breath. She has always had regular chest infections every Winter but this year she has taken four rounds of antibiotics and she has also been taking oral steroids when these chest infections were hard to shift. She is currently being treated by her GP but it’s not clear to Ann if the diagnosis is for asthma or for COPD as both of these conditions have been mentioned to her. She stopped smoking ten years ago. She’s not sure about taking all the medication she’s been prescribed. It seems like a lot and maybe it’s not all necessary, she’s always had chest trouble. There are two things she’s really worried about in the future: lung cancer and needing to be on oxygen.


  • To reduce shortness of breath and infections
  • A definite diagnosis
  • Access to spirometry and chest x-ray
  • A referral to respiratory consultant
  • Support and sensitivity