Asthma Action Plan

What is an Asthma Action Plan? 

An Asthma Action Plan is a written, step by step guide to help you manage your asthma and recognise when it’s getting worse. Your Asthma Action Plan is filled out with your GP or asthma nurse, who will make sure the plan is completely tailored to you or your child. 

What should a completed Asthma Action Plan contain?

  • A list of your medication and when to take it (even when you're feeling well)
  • Information on how to care for your asthma when you’re feeling well , slightly symptomatic and even uncontrolled.
  • How to tell if your asthma is getting worse
  • What to do if your asthma symptoms keep getting worse
  • What to do if you have an asthma attack (The 5 Step Rule)
  • Any important contact information like your GP or emergency contacts.

What will an Asthma Action Plan do for me?

  • Reduce your chance of needing to urgently visit your doctor or the hospital
  • Improve your lung function
  • Reduce the number of days off work or school which are taken because of asthma
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Keeping your Asthma Action Plan updated:

It is important to take your completed Asthma Action Plan with you to every asthma appointment you have (including A&E or any consultant visits). This way, if any changes are made to your treatment or the way you care for your asthma, then you can ask your GP nurse or consultant to make sure your plan is up to date.

Your Asthma Action Plan should also be reviewed and updated at every asthma review appointment you have. For most adults these should take place at least once a year with children being reviewed at least every 6 months.