Kids' Corner

The Asthma Society of Ireland wants children of all ages to become involved with their asthma. Our Kids' Corner has been developed to encourage young people to learn about asthma while having fun.


All of us are staying at home to stop the coronavirus spread. This can be a difficult time for some children and families. The Asthma Society’s Kids' Corner is designed to keep young people entertained while hopefully learning something new!

During Asthma Awareness Week 2020, the Asthma Society launched its #OwnOurAir and #AsthmaEducation competitions which close on Monday May 18th.  Winners, announced May 22th, are availale to view here on our kids corner.

Well done to all who participated and contributed!

Our Activities: 


Winning entries into our #OwnOurAir Clean Air and Asthma Competition

#AsthmaEducation Competition Colouring Competition Winners
#AsthmaEducation Competition Create an Asthma Mascot Winners
#AsthmaEduction Competition Create a ‘Corona-Pirate' Winners
#AsthmaEducation Learning Kit