#OwnOurAir: Schools Competition

The Asthma Society of Ireland are asking schools to get involved in our #OwnOurAir Schools competition which is kindly supported by ESB’s Energy for Generations Fund.

The competition, which is opened to all primary and secondary schools in the country, aims to educate young people on the harmful effects poor air quality has on their health, while simultaneously encouraging students to take action against air pollution.

Air pollution is a public health concern, with potentially harmful effects on all. Children face even higher risks, both to their health and their development.

Poor air quality can cause asthma to develop in young people, and can worsen asthma symptoms for the 380,000 people in Ireland currently diagnosed with the illness. Air pollution is an unavoidable and often invisible trigger for people with asthma; it can increase the chances of someone having an asthma attack. 1,500 people die prematurely in Ireland because of poor air quality.

Young people deserve the right to breathe clean air. We want to see your school get involved in our fight for live with asthma, symptom free. Support people with asthma in Ireland by bettering air quality in your school!

Our competition provides a lesson plan that educates students about the impact of various pollutants on asthma. Competing schools are asked to take an action against air pollution with the chance to win cash prizes and the opportunity to star in a professional promotional video organized by the Asthma Society. We will choose three winning schools through a social media post made by your team.

Contact Anna at advocacy@asthmasociety.ie to state your interest or to make enquiries.

The closing date for the competition: 30th March


#OwnOurAir Lesson Plan

#OwnOurAir Competition Details