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As a voluntary organization, we are completely dependent on the support of the general public and the corporate sector.

Fundraise for Us

Every year, the Asthma Society of Ireland needs to raise €1.1 million to fund our information and support programmes – we can’t do it without YOUR help! Our overall focus is to stop asthma deaths – currently one person every week dies from asthma in Ireland.

Become a Corporate Partner

An association with the Asthma Society of Ireland provides our corporate partners with a very public way to demonstrate their support for people with asthma in Ireland and their families. 

Become a Member

People with asthma, their familes and carers, alongside healtcare professionals that work with people with asthma, are invited to become members of the Asthma Society of Ireland.

Asthma Ambassador Cat Kennedy

Become an Asthma Ambassador

The Asthma Society of Ireland is always looking for Asthma Ambassadors – people who are willing to help spread the word about asthma by telling their own asthma story.

Leaving a Legacy

Leave a Legacy in your Will for the Asthma Society of Ireland