Our Strategy

The Asthma Society of Ireland’s mission is to stop asthma deaths in Ireland. We are the voice of the 380,000 people with asthma in Ireland, and our work radically transforms their quality of life. We fight asthma with every breath. Our vision is that everyone with asthma in Ireland lives a full life, symptom-free.

Our Mission

We commit to bringing an end to asthma deaths in Ireland by 2030, with a reduction by half by 2025 – our dedication to this overarching outcome means: 

  • Every person or child with asthma or their carer in Ireland will need to have an Asthma Action Plan to better manage their asthma, through our services and campaigns and through interventions by empowered healthcare professionals.
  • The economic burden of asthma will need to be lifted, giving people with asthma better access to healthcare, health outcomes and improving the quality of their lives.
  • Patients with severe asthma will need to have equal access to medications and expert care across Ireland.

Our Work:

  1. We champion change by advocating to prevent asthma deaths.
  2. We communicate about asthma to ensure it is taken seriously as a health challenge.
  3. We support with services for all people with asthma, empowering them to control the condition and providing health promotion programmes which deliver impactful asthma interventions. 
  4. We learn together and collaborate with healthcare, research and education professionals (and always with patients) to improve our understanding of how asthma works and how to combat it.
  5. We build our capacity to deliver for patients by growing and diversifying our funding streams, by innovating and by being best-in-class as a charity.
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Our History

The Asthma Society came into formal existence in 1973 following a meeting organised by Órán O Muire, a teacher who had struggled with asthma from an early age, and who was determined that asthma would not stop him leading an active life.

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Mission & Vision

Learn more about our mission, our vision and our core values!

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