Health Promotion

Our health promotion team runs a wide variety of initiatives to help educate and support people with asthma, their parents/ carers and their health care professionals.

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The Health Promotion Department at the Asthma Society of Ireland offer a wide range of programmes and supports to assist individuals and groups who have asthma while also increasing the general awareness of asthma in Ireland. 

Asthma is a chronic disease but it can be controlled. Tragically, one person each weeks dies from asthma and 90% of these deaths are preventable. Through the delivery of health information, skills and support, we believe our programmes can raise awareness of asthma and improve people’s ability to control their symptoms and therefore reduce the likelihood of asthma attack. Our programmes are offered in a wide range of settings across all of Ireland. 

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Health Care Professional Programmes

The Asthma Society of Ireland offers educational programmes for those working closely with patients suffering from asthma. We provide a full range of services for people with asthma, parents, nurses and general practitioners - all free of charge.  

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Asthma Friendly Schools Programme

We developed the Asthma Friendly Schools Programme to provide schools with asthma information and resources, in order to enable staff to become familiar with asthma symptoms, triggers, treatments, and emergency procedures. The Asthma Society can arrange asthma nurse information talks in schools on request.

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Patient Programmes

The Asthma Society runs a number of patient programmes to support patients in gaining control and managing their asthma.