Emergency Care

Emergency Care

Here you will find our asthma attack cards and videos detailing how to handle an asthma attack in an adult or a child.

If you or someone else is having an asthma attack follow the 5 Step Rule below and don't hesitate to call 999 or 112 if you're worried, at any point.

The 5 Step Rule

1. Stay calm and sit up straight- do not lie down.

2. Take slow, steady breaths.

3.Take one puff of your reliever inhaler (usually blue) every minute. Use a spacer if available.

  • People over 6 years can take up to 10 puffs in 10 minutes
  • Children under 6 years can take up to 6 puffs in 10 minutes

4. Call 112 or 999 if your symptoms do not improve after 10 minutes.

5. Repeate step 3 if an ambulance has not arrived within 10 minutes.

Remember, if someone is having an asthma attack:

  • Do not leave them on their own.
  • Extra puffs of reliever inhaler (usually blue) are safe.


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Asthma Attack Videos

What to do in an Asthma Attack - Adult Version

What to do in an Asthma Attack - Child under 6 version