Asthma Ambassadors


"In July 2022 I ended up in A&E as I was having a bad attack and my reliever inhaler was not helping. This attack was brought on by someone using a deodorant in the bathroom."


"Having asthma and being a parent can be incredibly challenging as you may not always have the luxury of really getting a chance to rest and get better when you have been unwell."


"Having asthma changes your life and, in particular, it has really affected my work life. On top of that, I also find that the care and treatment I need to manage my asthma is very expensive, which makes it difficult."


"Asthma has had a major impact on Ethan’s day-to-day life. One of the most devastating impacts of asthma is that it stops him being able to play the sport he loves - rugby."


"I was diagnosed with asthma by my GP when I was 22. I had a cold over Christmas and developed a nasty cough which simply wouldn’t go away."


“Asthma has affected my life in many ways. I find in very scary - my job involves very physical work, which sometimes makes me out of breath, but I'm luckier than others as I only need a short rest to get it under control.”


"I always thought asthma was more common in children and didn’t realise it could develop in adulthood or be caused by allergies. I also thought that the only asthma symptoms were wheezing and coughing. I didn’t have these symptoms..."