Asthma Education Inclusion Project: Arabic

Below you will find resources created in Arabic for members of the the Roma, Refugees and People Seeking International Protection communities, and for Intercultural Health Workers and Healthcare Professionals working with these communities 

Top Tips for Asthma Management Leaflet:

Provides ten tips for asthma management and outlines what an asthma attack is and the steps to follow to manage an asthma attack (5 Step Rule) as well as detailing what asthma triggers are. To download, click here.

5 Step Rule video:

Outlines what an asthma attack is and what to do if someone is experiencing an attack:

5 Step Rule Video_Arabic voiceover

Asthma Educational video:

Featuring Consultant Respiratory Physician Professor Stephen Lane, provides information on asthma and asthma management, explains what triggers are and emphasizes the importance of completing an Asthma Action Plan with a GP:

Asthma Educational video_Arabic voiceover

Asthma Education Inclusion Project

Our Asthma Education Inclusion Project consists of culturally appropriate, literacy-friendly asthma resources and materials for the Roma, Refugees, People Seeking International Protection and the Traveller community.