Hay Fever & Asthma Webinar

Wed, 24 Apr 2024

As hay fever season begins, it is crucial to understand the triggers and effectively manage symptoms to maintain optimal asthma control. Key topics in this webinar will include allergic rhinitis (hay fever), its impact on asthma, and the different treatment options to help you through the hay fever season.

We will be joined by Eilis Ní Chaithnía, CEO, Asthma Society of Ireland; Dr Mona Thornton, Consultant Ear, Throat/Head and Neck Surgeon, St. Vincent’s Private Hospital; and Ruth Morrow, Respiratory Nurse Specialist, Asthma Society of Ireland.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and ask questions about asthma and hay fever. Join us via Zoom for an engaging discussion led by experts on respiratory health.

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This webinar is kindly supported by ALK.