Pregnancy & breast-feeding and Asthma

Many women find their asthma symptoms change during pregnancy

Pregnant Woman

During pregnancy, some people find their asthma symptoms can get better or worse. If you experience symptoms changes during pregnancy, you may need to alter your medicine.

Speak to your doctor, nurse or midwife about how you can keep your symptoms under control during pregnancy and labour. During pregnancy, your asthma should be reviewed regularly.

Many parents worry about continuing to take their asthma medicine during pregnancy, however asthma treatment are perfectly safe to continue taking during pregnancy and throughout breast feeding.

It's important to remember that keeping your asthma well controlled is good for your baby's health.

Click to download our "Asthma in Pregnancy" booklet. Or contact the Asthma Society for an Asthma Society booklet.

*This booklet is currently not available. We are working on updating this booklet and will have it available to download again shortly.

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