Announcement - Invitation to Tender (closing date 2nd February 2022)

20 Jan 2022

The Asthma Society of Ireland is seeking tenders from interested individuals / organisations to support the Society in the development of a Financial Resilience and Sustainability Strategy and Tactical Plan (FRSS & TP) including the provision of strategic guidance to support short-term fundraising initiatives.

1. Introduction and Background

1.1 Asthma Society of Ireland

Established in 1973, the Asthma Society of Ireland is a charitable organisation registered in Dublin as a non-profit Company limited by guarantee.

Our mission is to stop asthma deaths in Ireland. Our vision is that every person with asthma in Ireland will live a full life symptom-free.

We are the voice of the 380,000 people with asthma in Ireland, and our work radically transforms their quality of life. We fight asthma with every breath. With 'Stopping Asthma Deaths in Ireland', our 2020-2025 strategic plan, we've thrown down the gauntlet – for ourselves, for Government and for our health system.

We are impactful:

We champion change by advocating to prevent asthma deaths,

We communicate about asthma to ensure it is taken seriously as a health challenge,

We support with services for all people with asthma to deliver impactful asthma interventions,

We learn together with healthcare, research and education professionals to combat asthma,

We build our capacity by growing and diversifying our funding and by aiming to be best-in-class in terms of governance & organisation.

1.2 Background

The development of the FRSS & TP is designed to support the Asthma Society to raise the funds we need to carry out priority activities to achieve our overall strategic aims. The FRSS & TP will outline the actions, timelines and resources that will be implemented to enable the Asthma Society funding needs to be met.

The aim of the FRSS & TP is to lay out the Society’s future blueprint – it will identify key actions required to be taken to generate increased core funding, create ongoing income streams that continue to deliver for the Society and to support the management team as they build relationships that last with funders. The solutions it identifies, and the granular plan for achieving those solutions will set the Society up for future success.

The ongoing strategic counsel on developing immediate income streams will have effect in Q2-Q4 2022 and will additionally improve the income position for the Society.

1.3 Scope of Invitation to Tender

The Asthma Society is seeking to engage with an experienced and qualified consultant / organisation. Digital fundraising experience and expertise will be an essential element.

Project Outputs:

• Milestone 1 - Financial Resilience & Sustainability Strategy Document

• Milestone 2 - Tactical plan (identifying tasks, task owners and timelines)

• Milestone 3 - General counsel and outputs (prospect list, case for support etc.) on any immediately occurring income streams as they arise, as part of the Society’s pressing need to respond to COVID-19 funding challenges – these may include fundraising advice on our Asthma Awareness Week ’22 Campaign, Breathe Easy Workplace Wellness Programme, Clean Air Initiatives, Digital Transformation capacity building, Direct Marketing Strategy and other public fundraising streams.

• Milestone 4 - Five year costed finance and fundraising plan

The successful tenderer may sub-contract out to a qualified sub-contractor if they so wish. The ability to analyse and collate diverse data streams from a variety of sources will be a key skill in the successful completion of the project.

1.4 Timeline for Tendering Process



    20th Jan 2022

   Invitation to Tender published

    2nd Feb 2022

   Deadline for receipt of Tenders – 5pm

    7th Feb 2022 wc

   Envisaged dates for shortlist meetings

    14th Feb 2022 wc

   Envisaged date by which successful applicant will be selected   

     28th Feb 2022 wc

   Envisaged date for commencement of contract

     29th Apr 2022 we

   Envisaged date of completion of milestone 1 & 3

     29th Jun 2022 we

   Envisaged date of completion of milestone 2 & 4

It is envisaged that the contract will commence in March 2022 and run until June 2022.
The candidate will be expected to provide regular updates on progress and attend regular meetings/teleconferences throughout the duration of the tender contract.

1.5 Selection Criteria

Applications will be assessed according to the following (non-exhaustive) list of selection criteria:

Qualifications/relevant experience and track record in fundraising strategy development and advice provision for NFP: 50%
Proposed methodology and understanding of the brief: 25%
Cost of successful project delivery and value for money: 25%
Total: 100%

Please note that ASI reserves the right to apply additional selection criteria should they become necessary to meet the needs of the tender, or to fully assess applicant suitability.

2. Instructions to Tender

The Tender Response Document should include the following:

2.1 General Information

The tender should provide a brief overview of the applicants, including experience, and the range of skills relevant to the RFT requirements. Name and contact details of the organisation submitting the proposal should be included along with the organisation profile.

2.2 Project Personnel

The tender should identify and demonstrate the skillsets, relevant experience and ability to carry out the work. The tender will also need to disclose details and experience of any sub-contractors to be involved in the project. This should include details of qualifications and relevant experience of the project team or sub-contractors team, including brief CV’s for any personnel who will work directly on the project. Please indicate the role of each team member in delivering the project. Please include three case studies indicating relevant, recent work in Fundraising Strategy Development and advice provision (no more than 2 pages each).

2.3 Situational Analysis

The tender must contain the proposed approach to the provision of the required services as outlined in 1.3, and outline how all elements of the contract will be addressed. The detailed proposal should also include a brief summary of the Asthma Society’s situational analysis and some key recommendations for the fundraising strategy based on this analysis. (Max. 1500 words).

2.4 Methodology and Project Plan

The tender must contain an outline of the proposed methodology and project plan and anticipated delivery schedule (Max. 500 words).

2.5 Costs

A detailed breakdown of proposed costs must be provided in the document. As a Not-For-Profit organisation, the Asthma Society cannot recover VAT incurred on goods and services. Please detail all costs in Euro, inclusive of VAT. A breakdown of how the proposal represents value for money is essential. Please provide detail in the table below on the proposed consultant days per milestone and the associated costs.


  Number of days/hours per consultant   


   Milestone 1  



   Milestone 2



   Milestone 3



   Milestone 4






The budget for this project is €10,000, exclusive of VAT; to cover all associated costs in undertaking the contracted work, including the planning and development of the project.

Please provide us with details on how your provision of this service can / will deliver additional value for money for the Asthma Society.

2.6 Tax

All Tenderers must be able to provide an up to date Tax Clearance Certificate (valid for the duration of the project) upon request by ASI prior to any contract being awarded.

3. Disclaimers

3.1 General

ASI may not be held liable for any loss or cost incurred by any tenderer relating to this piece of work.

3.2 Right not to Award Contract

ASI reserves the right to, without advance notice, terminate the RFT process or reject all tenders if none, in its opinion, adequately satisfies the requirements, or if ASI’s circumstances change for a legitimate reason. This RFT does not represent a commitment to enter into any contract. ASI may subsequently re-issue and RFT.

3.3 Right to extend Closing Date

ASI reserves the right at its sole discretion, to extend the closing date for receipt of tenders by posting the update on our website

3.4 Lowest Cost Tender

ASI does not bind itself to accepting the lowest cost or any tender. All tenders will be assessed using the scoring system outline in section 1.5.

3.5 Adequacy of Requirements

Whilst every effort has been made to adequately describe the requirements arising from the procurement, it is the tenderers responsibility to gauge the extent of the work effort and resources required to meet the tender requirements.

3.6 Costs & Expenses

Tenderers shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of their tenders and ASI shall not be responsible or liable for any costs or expenses incurred by tenderers in the preparation of tenders or any associated work effort, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the procurement process.

4.Submission of Completed Tender

The completed tender proposal should be submitted by email to

Closing date for receipt of Tender Response is 5pm on 2nd February 2022.

Ownership of documentation arising from the completion of this project will reside with ASI. ASI undertakes to treat all documentation confidentially in so far as is possible, subject to ASI’s data protection policies.

Note: Queries and clarifications on the tender must be received no later than 28th January 2022.

Any responses to queries by the Asthma Society of Ireland will be made by email to all tenderers by COB on 31st January 2022.

5. Confidentiality

All communications issued by ASI to tenderers must be treated as confidential. Tenderers shall not release details of such communications other on an ‘In Confidence’ basis to those who have a legitimate need to know or whom they need to consult for the purpose of preparing their tender. Under no circumstances may tenderers release any information concerning such communications for publication in the press or on radio, television, screen or any other medium.

6.Conflict of Interest

Any conflicts of interest involving a contractor must be fully disclosed to ASI, particularly where there is a conflict of interest in relation to any recommendations or proposals put forward by the tenderer.