The Asthma Society calls on people to complete their survey to help gain a better understanding of the prevalence and cost of asthma in Ireland

19 Mar 2019

The Asthma Society’s research report, undertaken with health economists and consumer research experts, will assess the impact of an annual asthma structured review


14 March 2018

The Asthma Society is calling on people with children under 15 with asthma or those who care for someone with asthma to complete a survey which aims to find out more about how much asthma costs both the state and people with asthma. The research report will also explore how an annual asthma structured review could help save both people with asthma and the state money, while also providing asthma patients with better health outcomes.

Sarah O’Connor, CEO of the Asthma Society of Ireland, said: “This research report is crucial for Ireland. The current statistics on asthma in Ireland are old and are in dire need of being updated. We cannot properly plan for a healthcare challenge like asthma if we don’t know the scale of the problem.”

“If you have children under the age of 15 years of age with asthma, please complete the survey and please encourage any person who has children with asthma to do the same. The results of the survey will be launched in mid-2019, as part of a broader research report looking at the cost of asthma and examining if an annual asthma structured review can play a role in keeping patients safer and reducing the cost of asthma for all. Members of the public will be invited to attend an event and to hear about the findings of the report, where they can ask any questions they may have to a panel of asthma experts.”

Jon Barbour, Director of Medical Affairs with GSK, said “GSK is very proud to support this report. An annual asthma review is extremely important for people with asthma. Research across Europe has shown than the introduction of robust asthma programmes can lead to improvements in personal asthma control, whilst offering a potential reduction in healthcare costs to health systems. This review will help gain a better understanding of the cost of asthma in Ireland, which the Asthma Society can use to inform initiatives and strategies to further support people with asthma.”

The survey can be found on here. People who undertake the survey are encouraged to share the survey with their family and friends. On completion of the survey, people will be entered into a draw to win one of two €100             One4all vouchers.