Asthma Society of Ireland teams up with CarePlus Pharmacies to provide free COVID-19 Asthma Healthpack to Support People with Asthma during Pandemic

15 Jun 2020


The Asthma Society of Ireland is delighted to partner with CarePlus Pharmacy to supply free COVID-19 Asthma Healthpacks to people with asthma in Ireland. These packs, which people with asthma and their families/friends can pick up for free from the 64 CarePlus Pharmacies nationwide, contain information and support to help people stay safe during this COVID-19 pandemic.

The resources within these packs were put together with the assistance of members of the Asthma Society’s Medical Advisory Group, and they draw on expertise from the HSE and the National Respiratory Clinical Programme, including some of the top respiratory healthcare professionals in the country.

These packs consist of patient education materials on asthma or COPD and COVID-19, as well as information on general asthma management, dealing with an asthma attack (the 5 Step Rule), gardening with asthma and hayfever, and details of key services offered by the Asthma Society during this pandemic.

Sarah O’Connor, CEO of the Asthma Society of Ireland said: “380,000 people currently have asthma in Ireland. While people with asthma are not more likely to contract coronavirus, they may experience more severe symptoms if they do. Asthma management is now more important than ever before. 

We are calling on people who have asthma in Ireland to pick up a free COVID-19 Healthpack from their local Careplus Pharmacy. These packs contain information and materials that will help people with asthma manage their condition during this crucial time. For people who are self-isolating or cocooning, we are advising that they ask a family member, friend or Community Call volunteer to pick them up a pack.”

This COVID-19 Healthpack initiative is only the first step in a new partnership between CarePlus and the Asthma Society. Asthma Society COVID-19 packs will be available to pick up for free in all CarePlus Pharmacies and CarePlus Pharmacists will be on hand to help people with asthma with advice on asthma management and to address their concerns.

Brand Manager Carla Crerar said: “Community pharmacies play a key role in providing support to vulnerable members of the community, and this initiative will enable us to reach and support more asthma patients, and their carers, who may have additional concerns around the current pandemic. Many of our own pharmacists and their staff live with asthma, and fully understand the challenges that the condition can throw up. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the Asthma Society of Ireland, and offering more support in the future through our network of over 60 community pharmacies nationwide."

Sarah O’Connor, concluded: “We have listened to our members and supporters and we know that many of you are feeling anxious in these uncertain times. The COVID-19 Asthma Healthpack will help you ensure your asthma is controlled and will help put your mind at ease. People with asthma can also use our new Beating Breathlessness WhatsApp messaging service, which allows patients to message a respiratory specialist nurse about all aspects of their asthma and COPD management. People with asthma should save the Beating Breathlessness number to their phone - 086 059 0132 - and then message the nurse on WhatsApp to start your asthma/COPD management chat now.”

Please note that the Beating Breathlessness WhatsApp messaging service should not be used where a person is experiencing an asthma attack/emergency. For more information on Beating Breathlessness,