Asthma Society Strives To Stop Asthma Deaths In Ireland As It Seeks Support Of Asthma Society Christmas Appeal

24 Nov 2020

Asthma Society Christmas Appeal supported by the family and friends of, 11 year old Ross Edwards, who tragically died from an asthma attack this year

Public support contributes towards Asthma Society’s crucial nurse led services to help prevent further tragic asthma deaths in Ireland

The Asthma Society of Ireland today launched the Asthma Society Christmas Appeal calling for urgent public support of their virtual Christmas giving initiative. Each week in Ireland, a family is devastated by the death of a loved one from asthma. These losses are made even harder as the vast majority of these deaths are preventable.  The Asthma Society of Ireland is working tirelessly to help stop asthma deaths by providing crucial support and services to people with asthma and their families but they need your help.

During Covid-19, the need for asthma support services has soared. To allow the Asthma Society keep up with this unprecedented demand for their services the charity is urging the people of Ireland to support their work by purchasing a bauble or star from their virtual Christmas tree via

The Asthma Society Christmas Appeal remembers those not with us this year, including 11 year old Ross Edwards from Rathfarnham, Dublin, who will be deeply missed by his Mum Michelle, Dad Stephen, brother David (aged 2) and all his family, friends and classmates this Christmas.  Ross died of an asthma attack in his sleep in June of this year while on holiday in Kerry.  His family is asking people to donate to the Asthma Society in his memory, and in memory of all those who won’t be with us this Christmas. 

You can donate to the Asthma Society by sending a loved one a virtual bauble in lieu of a present this year or by purchasing a virtual star in memory of someone.  In this way their name can shine bright on the asthma tree with a message about them, and who they were.   Companies and businesses can also support the Asthma Society by making a donation through this page.  The Asthma Society Christmas Appeal is kindly supported by the Allergy Clinic.

Emily, Blennerhassett, Interim CEO of the Asthma Society said of the appeal. “Christmas is fast approaching, however it is not always a happy time. For those who have lost someone to asthma, a disease that can be largely controlled, treated and managed, it is especially difficult.

The Asthma Society of Ireland is asking for your support to help raise funds for their vital services and to commemorate the life of Ross Edwards, aged 11.  Ross’s family are left devastated by his loss and are keen to share his story and support the Asthma Society of Ireland with this appeal in his memory.

The Asthma Society of Ireland’s mission is to stop asthma deaths in Ireland. We are the voice of the 380,000 people with asthma in Ireland, and our work radically transforms their quality of life. We appeal to everyone to support us in our life saving work.”

Ross’s Mum, Michelle Edwards, said, “I didn’t know that asthma can kill, but it can.  I’m appealing to people to support the Asthmas Society Christmas Appeal in Ross’s name this Christmas.  I would also encourage all those living with asthma to seek help from the Asthma Society of Ireland and to reach out to them with any questions, large or small, to help them manage their condition.”

Record numbers of people are in need of the Asthma Society’s help right now. 380,000 in Ireland are living with asthma, with 890,000 likely to develop it in their lifetime.  The Asthma Society operates two support services, the HSE funded Nurse-led Asthma and COPD Adviceline service on 1800 44 54 64 and the Sláintecare funded Nurse-led Asthma and COPD WhatsApp messaging service on 086 059 0132. These lifesaving services allow people with asthma and COPD to connect directly with a respiratory nurse who will work with them on an ongoing basis to help them get in control of their asthma or COPD. 

To contribute to the Asthma Society Christmas Appeal today please visit