How we work in partnership

By deciding to partner the Society, you are having a direct impact on the lives of almost half a million asthma sufferers in Ireland.

Sarah O'Connor with corporate partners GSK and Boots

A partnership with Asthma Society of Ireland will entail a bespoke journey for both the company and charity in reaching their shared goals and environmental and social strategies. We will provide you with a calendar of events with opportunities including programmes and activities such as:

  • Breathe Easy Work Wellness Workshop
  • Clean Air Circle membership
  • Breathe Easy Campaign - our biggest yearly community event
  • Seasonal event participation
  • Payroll Giving and Gift Matching
  • Access to Webinars 
  • PR opportunities
  • Employee engagement

Get in touch today and lets start our partnership journey in support of out thousands of members nationwide. Email or call at 01 817 8886.