Asthma & Indoor Air Quality

A 3 month review of air quality in the home before and after the installation of a Cliniair air purifier from Envirion. Air quality was monitored using the Cair smart air quality sensor from NuWave

A Kitchen with Everyday Life adding to Indoor Air Pollution

In 2017 the Asthma Society of Ireland, in association with Envirion and NuWave and with help from Professor John Sodeau, studied the air quality in homes with and without an air purifier. As Ireland has a cold, damp climate, we tend to spend a significant amount of time indoors. It is for this reason that research into indoor air quality is vital, especially for people with chronic respiratory issues such as asthma.

The study consisted of monitoring air quality before and after an air purifying unit was introduced. 

NuWave provided their air quality sensors, Cair, to help determine the amount of particulate matter in the air. It continuously monitors the air and sends the data to the mobile app. For more information click here.

Envirion provided their air purifying units, CliniAir, to purify the indoor air for a 6 week period. It has 2 HEPA filters to help with the extraction of particles from the air around it. In an hour, it can significantly improve the air quality in the room. For more information click here.

The full study report can be read here.

An Asthma Friendly Home

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