10 Million Steps for Asthma

10,000,000 Steps for Asthma
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Leo Varadkar- 10 Million Steps for Asthma Appeal - Asthma Society of Ireland

Tommy Bowe - 10 Million Steps for Asthma Appeal - Asthma Society of Ireland

We had big plans for our Walk for Asthma 2020, but unfortunately due to the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve had to cancel the physical event. We had planned to use the Walk for Asthma to raise much needed funds to allow us to continue to carry out our vital work in representing and supporting people with asthma, which is now, more important than ever. To allow us to continue our work, we are asking all our members and supporters, along with their families and friends to help us fight asthma with every step by walking/jogging/running/dancing 10,000 steps each day throughout Asthma Awareness Week.

Together, with your help, we’re aiming for Ireland to reach 10 million steps for asthma during Asthma Awareness Week. We are also hoping to raise €10,000 to allow us to continue our critical work.

What we are asking you to do:

  • Walk, jog, run, or dance 10,000 Steps every day during Asthma Awareness Week
  • Log your daily steps on asthma.ie 
  • Donate €10 to the Asthma Society (or more, if you can)
  • Let all of your friends and family know about our 10 Million Steps for Asthma campaign by posting on social media (Facebook, Twitter, TikTok or Instagram), tagging the Asthma Society and using the hashtag: #StepUpForAsthma

Create a fundraiser: you can set up your own fundraiser on Facebook or on iDonate. Please encourage your social media followers/friends to donate to your fundraiser.

Set up a fundraiser on iDonate
Set up a fundraiser on Facebook

10,000,000 Steps for Asthma Prizes:

There will be five €50 All4One voucher prizes up for grabs for participants of the 10 Million Steps for Asthma. 

  • Silliest Steps – two prizes be awarded to the individuals and family/household who posts on their social media, the funniest video of them completing their daily steps – get silly on your own or as a family/household, in your fancy dress, make us laugh, post it on your social media and tag us
  • Greatest Number of Steps - this will be awarded to the person who has accumulated the greatest number of steps throughout the week (you will need to prove this via fitness tracker photos and also post it on your social media)
  • Dance Steps – this will be awarded to the person with the most creative dance steps
  • Your Pet Stepping it Up for Asthma – you got it, we want the cutest pets getting their walk in for asthma

How to Count your Steps:

People with a Fitbit or step tacker can easily track their daily steps. Anyone who has a smart-phone can also use this to track their steps. If you do not have a tracker or smartphone, participants can estimate their steps. On average, there are 1,350 steps in 1 kilometre. If you walk a distance of just over 7.4 kilometres, the average person will have achieved 10,000 steps.  

Asthma Awareness Week:

The Asthma Society will be using this year’s Asthma Awareness Week to launch a brand new asthma management tool for patients. This tool will help patients get in control of their asthma and also help them with any stress caused by asthma and coronavirus. Keep an eye on our social media and website for updates during Asthma Awareness Week.