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Asthma at Work

Many people find that their asthma symptoms get worse at work. This can be due to cleaning sprays, house dust mites, small particles in the air, or even working outdoor if you experience hay fever.

Asthma & Hayfever: Pollen Tracker

Many people with asthma suffer from hayfever, whether seasonally or all year round. It's not uncommon for uncontrolled hayfever to lead to an increase in asthma symptoms and as such, managing your hayfever is a key part of controlling your asthma.


Our Pollen Tacker will run from May 2020 to August 2020.

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Asthma in the Home

Many asthma triggers can be found in the home. As we spend up to 90% of our time indoors, this can have a significant impact on asthma symptoms.

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Asthma & Exercise

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. This is doubly true for people with asthma. Exercise can even help improve lung capacity and reduce asthma symptoms.

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Asthma & Pregnancy

Speak to your doctor, nurse or midwife about how you can keep your symptoms under control during pregnancy and labour. This is also a good time to update your Asthma Action Plan, or create one with your healthcare professional.

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Asthma & Study

If you have asthma and are getting ready to sit an exam this year, it is important that you get your symptoms under control as early as possible.

Asthma & Older People

People are often surprised to find out they’ve developed asthma later in life but it’s not unusual. Regardless of your age, it's important to ensure your asthma is well looked after and under control.

Asthma Advice when attending festivals

Asthma & Festivals

With good planning and common sense there is no reason why asthma, rhinitis or allergies should interfere with your experience at concerts and music festivals.