Health Care Professional Programmes

The Asthma Society of Ireland offers educational programmes for those working closely with patients suffering from asthma. We provide a full range of services for people with asthma, parents, nurses and general practitioners - all free of charge.  

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We offer information, advice and support to people with asthma -and to their immediate families. We have many publications and DVDs on every aspect of asthma, including our DVD on inhaler and asthma devices which encompasses  the different types of inhalers and devices in use by Asthma patients. It’s an easy to use guide for Medical Professionals and patients alike.

We also provide the following:

  • Run campaigns to promote awareness and a better understanding of asthma.

  • Asthma Specialist Nurse available on our Adviceline.

  • Represent Ireland’s people with Asthma in policy forums at National and European levels, with a view to implementing better management and primary care initiatives.

  • Support a number of research programmes.

  • Train-the-trainer programme for pharmacists.

  • National Asthma programme for practice nurses and general practitioners

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HCP Community

The Asthma Society of Ireland works very closely with healthcare professionals nationwide. Our goal is to improve your understanding of the needs of people with asthma.

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Resources for Healthcare Professionals

This section is for all healthcare professionals - working in any setting - who come into contact with asthma patients. We aim to strengthen the link between the Asthma Society and healthcare professionals, and to offer useful information for their practice to keep improving standards for the patient.

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Supporting Under 6' Programme in Primary Care

The Asthma Society of Ireland is supporting the Under 6’Programme in Primary Care. We have developed resources and trainings aimed at all GPs and practice nurses subscribed to the Under 6s scheme.