Smoky Fuels

Air pollution caused by the burning of the solid fossil fuels can be harmful to health and can trigger symptoms for people with ashtma.


Currently in Ireland; 380,000 people have asthma and 890,000 people will suffer from the condition at some stage of their lives. Air pollution can severely impact their quality of life by triggering asthma symptoms while studies have shown that air pollution can cause asthma in young children.

Reducing air pollution can save lives and better the quality of life for someone with asthma. Restrictions and measures implemented to combat the coronavirus have led to a drastic reduction in NO2 and Particulate Matter (PM) levels in April 2020 resulting in 11,000 avoided deaths from air pollution in EU countries and an estimated 35 fewer deaths in Ireland alone. Other avoided health impacts include 1.3 million fewer days of work absence, 6,000 fewer new cases of asthma in children, 1,900 avoided emergency room visits due to asthma attacks and 600 fewer preterm births.

We are calling on the irish government to transition towards a nationwide smoky fuel ban to reduce air pollution in Ireland. 

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For kids and teens looking to learn more about air pollution and asthma, see our Clean Air Lesson Plan

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