Asthma For Teachers & Carers

As 1 in 5 children have asthma, it is highly likely that teachers & carers will encounter the condition in the course of their work. You can find information to help you face the unique challenge of asthma here.

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Resource Pack Available for the Management of Asthma and other Chronic Health Conditions at School

As more and more children and young people are being diagnosed with a chronic health condition such as asthma, diabetes, epilepsy and anaphylaxis, schools are faced with the challenge of supporting a student with these conditions in school. This can seem like a great responsibility and one teachers, principals, school staff and parents can be anxious about.

To address this need, the Asthma Society of Ireland, Diabetes Federation of Ireland, Brainwave the Irish Epilepsy Association and Anaphylaxis Ireland came together to produce a resource pack ‘Managing Chronic Health Conditions at School’ to help teachers and parents to work together and provide a safe and enjoyable school environment for students with any one of these conditions.

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The first step in supporting a student with a chronic health condition is removing the fear of the unknown. The resource pack with information on each of the conditions was developed to support and enable teachers and parents to work together to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for students with a chronic condition as they go through school. Every school in Ireland received a copy of this resource pack in 2011 and it is also available to download below as well as from the following websites: